Teaching Receptive Skills

Want a sneak peek at a Delta Module Two seminar? We film nearly all ours so that participants can review them afterwards or catch up if they've missed a session. Here's the first part of one on teaching the receptive skills - reading and listening - which queries whether the approach used in the majority of current coursebooks really helps our learners. The second part, which goes on to look in more detail at using a subskills approach to teach these two skills, will be available next week.

The film is split into two clips, which together last about an hour. You can't see the slides very well on the clips, so you can look at them here while you watch. Click on the blue links (not the photo) to see both the slides and the filmclips.

A big thank you to Diana, Oana and Erica for giving me permission to use the clips.

The December Delta results came out last week. How did you do? If you were referred in Module Two or Three 😢 and are no longer close enough to your centre to get support, we can help!   Check out our Online Referral Coaching schemes for each of the two modules - Module Two and Module Three.